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All categorized spending is listed below. You can search for specific line items, or sort by highest to lowest spending. The descriptions for each line item are the union’s, not ours. Spending on hotels, consultants and much more is often not captured by the union’s description. 

Vendor Description Amount
Seiu 775 Ballot Fund Account Political Activities 1500000
Percussion Strategic LLC Political Activities 705317
Seattle Convention Center Union Administration 696451
Working Washington. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 500000
Percussion Strategic LLC Representational Activities 414871
Elliott Bay Productions, LLC Union Administration 370260
The Westin Seattle Union Administration 299596
Wa Consumer Protection Coalition Political Activities 251285
Egencia Travel Representational Activities 200869
Jessica Gomez Political Activities 176299
Alaska Air Representational Activities 171628
Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt Llp Union Administration 165937
Hilton Hotels – Airport Union Administration 155851
Fair Work Center Contributions, Gifts And Grants 150000
Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt Llp Representational Activities 127030
Fern Exposition Services LLC Union Administration 124617
The Starline Collection Union Administration 119217
Image Pointe Union Administration 114352
Patinkin Research Strategies Representational Activities 112850
Blue Ribbon Cooking, LLC General Overhead 103399
Montana Democrats I.e. Account Political Activities 100000
David Rolf Representational Activities 100000
Image Pointe Representational Activities 86380
Kore Group Union Administration 73893
Capitol City Press Representational Activities 64621
Sheraton Grand Seattle Union Administration 63012
Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt Llp Political Activities 60818
Alaska Air Union Administration 60755
Lottsfeldt Strategies LLC Political Activities 60000
Hilton Seattle General Overhead 55236
Luke Esser Political Activities 54000
A Better Big Sky Contributions, Gifts And Grants 50000
Big Sky 55+ Contributions, Gifts And Grants 50000
Smith & Mcgown Political Activities 50000
Washington State Budget & Policy Contributions, Gifts And Grants 50000
Michael G. Kinnucan Representational Activities 45125
Lottsfeldt Strategies, LLC Representational Activities 42584
Gbao Political Activities 42080
Olympia Hotel At Capitol Lake Union Administration 38154
Washington Conservation Action Political Activities 37594
Staybridge Suites – Alaska Representational Activities 33188
The Lucky Lunchbox Political Activities 32295
Pacifica Law Group Political Activities 31284
Rise Up Productions Political Activities 30951
Compensation Works Corporation General Overhead 30910
Nick Federici Political Activities 30000
Sheraton – Anchorage Representational Activities 28833
Spin Seattle General Overhead 27953
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips Political Activities 26740
Alaska Air Political Activities 25557
350 Seattle Contributions, Gifts And Grants 25000
Middle Fork Strategies Contributions, Gifts And Grants 25000
Stand Up Alaska Contributions, Gifts And Grants 25000
Stephanie A Schriock Political Activities 25000
Olympia Hotel At Capitol Lake Political Activities 24381
Bowlero General Overhead 24191
Summit Strategy, LLC Representational Activities 22175
On Safari Foods, Inc Union Administration 21827
Reverb General Overhead 21530
Altshuler Berzon Llp Union Administration 21507
Alderbrook Resort Representational Activities 21025
Interpro Translation Solutions Political Activities 20312
Ean Services, LLC Representational Activities 19278
Hilton Airport Representational Activities 18609
Egencia Travel Political Activities 17710
Air Bnb Representational Activities 17653
Egencia Travel Union Administration 17549
Playfish Media LLC Representational Activities 17385
Washington Community Alliance Action Fund Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Dnn, LLC General Overhead 14924
Playfish Media, LLC General Overhead 14370
Chism Strategies, LLC Political Activities 14336
Four Points Sheraton – Juneau Political Activities 14015
Washington State Labor Council Contributions, Gifts And Grants 14000
Covington & Burling Llp Representational Activities 13967
Kore Group Representational Activities 13227
Air Bnb Political Activities 13020
Pnw Catering Union Administration 12799
Ean Services, LLC Political Activities 12676
Lancer Food & Beverage General Overhead 12334
United Airlines Representational Activities 11967
St. Edward Lodge General Overhead 11958
Doubletree By Hilton – Spokane Representational Activities 11338
Element Sea-tac Representational Activities 10922
Best Western – Wasila Representational Activities 10788
Alaska Air General Overhead 10664
Emc Research Political Activities 10000
Floridians Protecting Freedom Political Activities 10000
Fuse Washington Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
One Deal, LLC Political Activities 10000
The Starline Collection Political Activities 9241
Elemental Sea-tac General Overhead 9013
Www.cedarbrook Representational Activities 8908
Keller Rohrback Llp Union Administration 8580
Diverse City Group General Overhead 8289
Emerald City Circus General Overhead 8219
Change Research Political Activities 8050
Delta Airlines Representational Activities 7878
Rise Up Productions Representational Activities 7701
United Airlines Political Activities 7250
Frank Freed Subit & Thomas, Llp Representational Activities 7094
Butler Valet Union Administration 7061
Las Vegas Staybridge Representational Activities 6897
Native Soul Cruisine General Overhead 6667
Best Western – Helena Political Activities 6638
Nwi Global Political Activities 6530
Hilton Garden Inn – Missoula Representational Activities 6300
Five9, Inc Political Activities 6222
The Davenport Grand Spokane Union Administration 6200
Playfish Media LLC Political Activities 6115
Marriott Anchorage Representational Activities 6070
Flowers By Chi Union Administration 5962
Charlotte & Bar General Overhead 5957
Kimpton Armory Bozeman Representational Activities 5579
Frank Freed Subit & Thomas, Llp Union Administration 5575
Mtr Western, LLC Political Activities 5512
Octapas Cafe Political Activities 5334
Egencia Travel General Overhead 5314
Metacompliance General Overhead 5069
Oneamerica Votes Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000
Alford Group, Inc. General Overhead 5000

Poor Leadership

SEIU leadership has been accused of tolerating harassment and even retaliating against employees who speak out. Crime, corruption, and infighting have also plagued the top ranks of leadership at the SEIU.

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Mistreating Employees

The SEIU has been accused of treating its own employees worse than the corporations the union seeks to unionize. The SEIU’s employees have even made claims that the union employs union busting tactics.

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Failing Its Membership

The SEIU has been accused of doing little for its members, ignoring their needs for strike pay while milking them for dues and focusing very little on improving its members quality of life.

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The SEIU has been involved in a number of controversies. These include incidents of harassment and violence, as well as assaults on rival unions, such as its hostile takeover of united healthcare.

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