The Service Employees International Union is one of America’s largest labor unions. Behind their $260 million war chest lies a dedicated effort to restrict employees’ rights in the workplace; a highly partisan political operation; and a history of intimidation, crime and corruption.

“If we can’t use the power of persuasion, we’ll use the persuasion of power.”

Andy Stern, Former SEIU International President

  • #METOO SEIU: Interviews and testimony from dozens of union employees describe the SEIU and its prominent locals as being “plagued by sexual misconduct scandals.” Bad behavior by top union officials was reportedly well-known among staff, but often swept under the rug. Learn more about sexual harassment allegations at the SEIU at
  • SEIU Facts: Get the facts about SEIU’s $260 million war chest, dedicated to harassing businesses, electing friendly politicians, and paying SEIU leadership’s hefty salaries.
  • $50 Million in Fake “Worker Center” Strikes: SEIU and groups that succeeded the corrupt ACORN organization stage so-called “strikes” that involve few workers but lots of paid P.R. reps and professional protesters in a $50 million effort to force the unionization of restaurant employees.
  • Denying Employee Votes: Rather than following the democratic process of secret ballot votes on whether to unionize, SEIU pressures employers to cut backroom deals so it can use the intimidation-laced public “card check” unionization process.
  • Power Politics: The SEIU is a major funder of Democratic politicians and puts its purse behind efforts to force more people to pay dues to SEIU and fund its political program.
  • Supreme Court Strikedowns: The Supreme Court has struck down two SEIU schemes in the past few years, restoring employee rights that had been taken away by SEIU power plays in California and Illinois.
  • Terrible Tactics: As part of its anti-employee-rights “corporate campaign” strategy, SEIU organizers have allegedly engaged in despicable tactics including overrunning emergency rooms, sabotaging nursing home patient identification, and besieging businessmen’s children in their homes.
  • Crime and Corruption: SEIU officers have been charged with crimes or forced to resign union posts after thefts and other alleged crimes involving members’ money in union bank accounts.