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Union spending in select categories for 2023.




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All categorized spending is listed below. You can search for specific line items, or sort by highest to lowest spending. The descriptions for each line item are the union’s, not ours. Spending on hotels, consultants and much more is often not captured by the union’s description. 

Vendor Description Amount
Winning Mark Political Activities 781907
Our Oregon Political Activities 290000
Kaspo Representational Activities 212485
Hold Politicians Accountable Political Activities 200000
Grand Hotel Salem Representational Activities 122179
Morel Ink Representational Activities 115550
Hustle, Inc. General Overhead 89357
Kaspo General Overhead 88582
Family Forward Action Political Activities 75000
Embassy Suites Hotel General Overhead 74842
Morel Ink Political Activities 55649
Grubhub Representational Activities 55308
Mahonia Public Affairs Political Activities 55000
Little Lois Cafe Representational Activities 52058
Altshuler Berzon Llp General Overhead 45631
Labor Comm Service Agency Contributions, Gifts And Grants 42938
Usa Bus Charter Representational Activities 38925
Alaskan Airlines Representational Activities 37708
Holiday Inn Representational Activities 35869
Bennett, Hartman , Morris & Kaplan Llp Representational Activities 35849
Double Tree Political Activities 35372
Telephone Town Hall Meeting Inc Representational Activities 35366
Best Western Union Administration 34142
Tedesco Law Group Representational Activities 33637
P.C.un Contributions, Gifts And Grants 33000
Salem Convention Center Representational Activities 32753
Salem Convention Center General Overhead 29263
Enterprise Representational Activities 29094
Best Western Representational Activities 26798
Grand Hotel In Salem General Overhead 25111
Northwest Health Foundation Political Activities 25000
Grubhub General Overhead 24166
Ez Cater Representational Activities 23561
Oxford Suites Pendleton Union Administration 23358
Best Western General Overhead 22707
Panera Representational Activities 21301
Velocity Leadership Consulting General Overhead 20970
Oldham Law Office Representational Activities 20199
Graduate Eugene Union Administration 20078
Airbnb Representational Activities 19678
Doubletree Hotels Representational Activities 19188
Panera General Overhead 18901
Pearl Catering Union Administration 18844
Morel Ink General Overhead 18283
Abbys Legendary Pizza Representational Activities 18047
Hilton Hotels Representational Activities 16136
Little Lois Political Activities 16096
Apano Contributions, Gifts And Grants 16000
Timothy Landis P.C. General Overhead 15940
Communities Of Color For A Just Oregon Political Activities 15000
Movement Communication LLC Political Activities 15000
New Progressive Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Unite Oregon Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Dlh Screen Printing LLC General Overhead 14940
Kroger Contributions, Gifts And Grants 13677
Hilton General Overhead 12976
Mckanna Bishop Joffee Llp Representational Activities 12669
Kaspo Political Activities 10879
Building Power For Communities Of Color Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
East County Rising Pac Political Activities 10000
Breakthrough Campaigns Political Activities 10000
Oregonians United To End Slavery Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
United Airlines Representational Activities 9566
Albertsons And Safeway Account General Overhead 9151
Grubhub Holding Inc Political Activities 9068
Ingallina’S Box Lunch , Inc Representational Activities 8956
Marriott Representational Activities 8754
Hilton Hotels Union Administration 8718
Southwest Airlines Representational Activities 8394
Double Tree By Hilton General Overhead 8266
Alshuler Berzon Llp Representational Activities 7205
Enterprise Political Activities 7190
Wentz Jackson Consulting Representational Activities 7105
Quality Logo Products Representational Activities 7057
Jereme Grybowski Representational Activities 6813
Harrahs Hotel Representational Activities 6593
Virgin Hotel Representational Activities 6524
Giftly General Overhead 6434
Grand Hotel In Salem Political Activities 6390
A Covered Affair Representational Activities 6317
Cindy Louis Bbq Representational Activities 6288
Alaska Airlines Union Administration 6181
Cashstar Inc General Overhead 6113
Sonesta Atlanta Political Activities 6026
Basic Rights Oregon Contributions, Gifts And Grants 6000
The Urban League Of Portland Contributions, Gifts And Grants 6000
Mandalay Resort Representational Activities 5990
Delta Airline Political Activities 5979
Hotel Eastlund Union Administration 5885
Delta Representational Activities 5640
Design Action Collective General Overhead 5550
Hotel Maya Representational Activities 5410
Xo Agency LLC General Overhead 5320
James A Lundberg Union Administration 5156
Jereme Grzybowski Political Activities 5079
Edgefield Representational Activities 5004
Salishan Coastal Lodge General Overhead 5000
Nw Workers Justice Project Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000

Poor Leadership

SEIU leadership has been accused of tolerating harassment and even retaliating against employees who speak out. Crime, corruption, and infighting have also plagued the top ranks of leadership at the SEIU.

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Mistreating Employees

The SEIU has been accused of treating its own employees worse than the corporations the union seeks to unionize. The SEIU’s employees have even made claims that the union employs union busting tactics.

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Failing Its Membership

The SEIU has been accused of doing little for its members, ignoring their needs for strike pay while milking them for dues and focusing very little on improving its members quality of life.

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The SEIU has been involved in a number of controversies. These include incidents of harassment and violence, as well as assaults on rival unions, such as its hostile takeover of united healthcare.

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Get involved or donate today to expose the SEIU’s history of intimidation, crime and corruption.