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All categorized spending is listed below. You can search for specific line items, or sort by highest to lowest spending. The descriptions for each line item are the union’s, not ours. Spending on hotels, consultants and much more is often not captured by the union’s description. 

Vendor Description Amount
Hilton San Diego Union Administration 1040319
Promo Direct General Overhead 926091
Seiu Local 2015 – State Pac Political Activities 536207
Do Big Things, LLC Representational Activities 403474
Sheraton Grand Union Administration 328248
Hyatt Regency Union Administration 319596
The Landing Office Owner, LLC General Overhead 295247
The Westin Union Administration 257992
Jim Philliou & Associates Representational Activities 250750
Union Graphics LLC Union Administration 247108
Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld Representational Activities 210811
California Excursions & Transportation, Inc. Union Administration 204458
Rothner, Segall & Greenstone Client Trust Account Union Administration 181722
Southwest Airlines Union Administration 172749
Dan Klores Communications, LLC Union Administration 168000
Hilton Union Administration 160000
Get Lerner Incorporated Union Administration 150000
Doubletree By Hilton Union Administration 127260
Image Pointe General Overhead 125348
Hr&a Advisors, Inc. Union Administration 120000
Grubhub Corporate Ar Representational Activities 119190
Rothner, Segall & Greenstone General Overhead 110406
Mhc Interpreting Services Political Activities 100812
Center For Empowered Politics Education Fund Contributions, Gifts And Grants 100000
Bright Light Strategies Union Administration 94002
Harrah’S Union Administration 81838
Grubhub Corporate Ar Union Administration 80649
Bedrock Strategies, Inc. Political Activities 77478
Imagine Us LLC Union Administration 70312
Hotel Maya Union Administration 70278
Laguna Cliffs Marriott Union Administration 69313
Chavez Strategy & Organizing LLC Representational Activities 65000
Hyatt Regency Union Administration 64706
Tradition Is Dead,inc. Union Administration 63500
California Excursions & Transportation, Inc. Political Activities 60476
Us Coachways, Inc Political Activities 58275
Bedrock Strategies, Inc. Union Administration 55202
Beacon Economics, LLC Union Administration 54625
United Airlines Union Administration 53200
Bedrock Strategies, Inc. Representational Activities 52488
Edward Burke Representational Activities 52335
The Westin Union Administration 52109
California Latino Pac Political Activities 50000
Westin Bonaventure Representational Activities 47846
Union Made Supply General Overhead 46420
Cvent Union Administration 42228
Outreachcircle, Inc Political Activities 42000
Dropbox Inc. General Overhead 40002
Brotherhood Crusade Contributions, Gifts And Grants 40000
Southwest Airlines Representational Activities 38388 Inc General Overhead 36809
Packetfusion General Overhead 35309
Grubhub Corporate Ar Political Activities 34301
Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin P.C. Representational Activities 33500
Union Graphics LLC General Overhead 32846
Union Made Supply Representational Activities 32273
Union Graphics LLC Representational Activities 30685
Embassy Suites By Hilton Representational Activities 30603
Community Organized Relief Effort Contributions, Gifts And Grants 30000
Westin Bonaventure Union Administration 29850
Motiv Brand Union Administration 28799
Sclc Of Southern California Contributions, Gifts And Grants 28500
Southwest Airlines Political Activities 28318
N.g. Slater Corp. General Overhead 27941
Hotel Indigo Union Administration 26824
Stephanie Batey Representational Activities 25641
Catalyst California Contributions, Gifts And Grants 25000
Community Coalition Contributions, Gifts And Grants 25000
Innercity Struggle Contributions, Gifts And Grants 25000
Englander Knabe & Allen Union Administration 24025
Westin Bonaventure Political Activities 24008
La County Federation Of Labor Contributions, Gifts And Grants 24000
Westin Representational Activities 23825
Doubletree By Hilton Representational Activities 23699
Westin Political Activities 23411
Mission Inn Hotel & Spa Union Administration 22291
American Airlines Union Administration 21961
Altshuler Berzon Llp General Overhead 21424
Smclc – Cope Political Activities 21000
Lacdp Jfk Awards Dinner Political Activities 20000
Crystal Strait Union Administration 20000
Delta Airlines Union Administration 19869
Jw Marriott Political Activities 19650
Kimpton Alma Political Activities 19579
Panera, LLC Union Administration 19500
Panera, LLC Representational Activities 19459
Maracas Cafe And Catering Union Administration 17884
Gray, Gray, Gray Llp General Overhead 17832
Beachcomber Motel Union Administration 17713
California Excursions & Transportation, Inc. Representational Activities 17664
Linda Provenza Union Administration 17250
Visalia Marriott Union Administration 17000
Maracas Cafe And Catering Representational Activities 16829
Embassy Suites Union Administration 15374
Csudh Philanthropic Foundation Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Liberty Hill Foundation Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Gaglers Inc Union Administration 14663
Hampton Inn & Suites Representational Activities 13938
Bredhoff & Kaiser, P.l.l.c. Union Administration 13800
The Westin Union Administration 13649
Holiday Inn Representational Activities 13413
Signia By Hilton Union Administration 13294
Far East Cafe Union Administration 13200
Union Graphics LLC Political Activities 13096
Teabloom Union Administration 13093
Le Meridien Political Activities 12939
United Airlines Representational Activities 12273
Labor Community Services Contributions, Gifts And Grants 12000 Inc Representational Activities 11678
Elite Entertainment Global Union Administration 11514
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Representational Activities 11431
Virgin Hotels Union Administration 10604
Hilton Representational Activities 10589
Hilton Garden Inn Political Activities 10323
Panera, LLC Political Activities 10093
Bcd Travel – Usa LLC General Overhead 10033
Black Lives Matter Grassroots Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
Equitable, Inclusive And Transparent California ( Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
Imagine La Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
Alexandra Young Representational Activities 10000
Laane Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
Smiley Audio Media Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
Vela Union Administration 10000
Free To Form, Inc. General Overhead 9525
Holiday Inn & Suites Representational Activities 9073
Hampton Inn & Suites Representational Activities 8946
Free To Form, Inc. Union Administration 8926
Netroots Nation Union Administration 8806
United Airlines Political Activities 8304
Oakwood Suites & Studios Union Administration 8262
Manmade Entertainment Productions Union Administration 8208
Holiday Inn Express Representational Activities 7670
Dante Sin Bandera Inc. Union Administration 7655
Promo Direct Union Administration 7638
Green Light Booking LLC Union Administration 7500
Embassy Suites Political Activities 7490
Holiday Inn Representational Activities 7430
Holiday Inn & Suites Union Administration 7027
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Representational Activities 7010
Southwest Airlines General Overhead 6983
Homewood Suites Representational Activities 6670
Staybridge Suites Union Administration 6603
Hampton Inn Representational Activities 6386
Be Flower Union Administration 6329
Hyatt Regency Political Activities 6270
Holiday Inn Express Representational Activities 6189
Coach America Union Administration 6055
Cruser Mitchell Novitz Sanchez Gaston & Zimet Llp Union Administration 5946
El Rincon De Rita Union Administration 5688
Noyo Harbor Inn Union Administration 5547
Airlines Reporting Corporation Union Administration 5506
Hyatt Centric Political Activities 5229
Sweetie’S Cafe & Catering Union Administration 5212
Hilton Political Activities 5106
Hampton Inn Representational Activities 5061
Asian American Liberation Network Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000
Steven Maviglio Dba Forza Communications General Overhead 5000

Poor Leadership

SEIU leadership has been accused of tolerating harassment and even retaliating against employees who speak out. Crime, corruption, and infighting have also plagued the top ranks of leadership at the SEIU.

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Mistreating Employees

The SEIU has been accused of treating its own employees worse than the corporations the union seeks to unionize. The SEIU’s employees have even made claims that the union employs union busting tactics.

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Failing Its Membership

The SEIU has been accused of doing little for its members, ignoring their needs for strike pay while milking them for dues and focusing very little on improving its members quality of life.

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The SEIU has been involved in a number of controversies. These include incidents of harassment and violence, as well as assaults on rival unions, such as its hostile takeover of united healthcare.

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Get involved or donate today to expose the SEIU’s history of intimidation, crime and corruption.