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All categorized spending is listed below. You can search for specific line items, or sort by highest to lowest spending. The descriptions for each line item are the union’s, not ours. Spending on hotels, consultants and much more is often not captured by the union’s description. 

Vendor Description Amount
Levy, Ratner P.C. Representational Activities 3112292
Scheinman Arbitration And Mediation Services LLC. Representational Activities 1854264
Gladstein, Reif & Meginniss, Llp Representational Activities 1505398
Betty And Smith LLC Political Activities 850000
Park Us Lessee Holding Inc. Representational Activities 769396
Philmark Lithographics, Inc. Union Administration 444476
N. G. Slater Corp. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 339421
Century Direct, LLC Representational Activities 329213
Bredhoff & Kaiser Representational Activities 301066
Enterprise Fleet Management General Overhead 289059
Abato, Rubenstein & Abato, P.a Representational Activities 281603
Zambrana Productions, Inc. General Overhead 240844
Alaska Airlines Representational Activities 222859
American Coach And Limousine, Inc. General Overhead 212280
Royal Blue Hospitality LLC Representational Activities 203483
Hilton Naples, Fl Representational Activities 203182
Pyle, Rome, Ehrenberg P.C. Representational Activities 191422
Jc Hospitality General Overhead 188634
Curio Martinique Representational Activities 186388
Phillips, Richard & Rind, P.a. Representational Activities 184126
Precision Media & Public Relations Representational Activities 182610
Time Of Day Media Representational Activities 167206
Angle Mastagni Mathews Pol St, LLC General Overhead 156306
Joanne Franklin, Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 146314
Crowne Plaza Columbus North Union Administration 143019
American Coach And Limousine, Inc. Political Activities 138630
Cordo & Company, LLC Political Activities 138000
1199 Nys Political Action Fund Political Activities 135415
Mcr Opportunity Fund 1 Trs LLC Representational Activities 127746
Time Of Day Media Representational Activities 124827
Callevo General Overhead 118876
National Corporate Housing Political Activities 118575
Wa Safe And Healthy Representational Activities 114000
Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel And Conference Center Representational Activities 111894
Law Office Of Kristen Kussmann, Pllc Representational Activities 107478
Edison Ballroom, LLC Representational Activities 100722
Children’S Defense Fund-ny Contributions, Gifts And Grants 100000
O’Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore, P.a. Political Activities 96200
Abracadabra Printing Representational Activities 92325
James & Hoffman, P.C. Representational Activities 90188
Crystal Springs Services, Inc. General Overhead 86772
Expedia Representational Activities 86083
Ian Marie, Inc. Union Administration 85451
Trister, Ross Schadler & Gold, Pllc Political Activities 84894
Paul M. Pezzella Political Activities 82500
Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel And Conference Center General Overhead 82184
Afp 107 Corp. Political Activities 81298
American Arbitration Association Union Administration 79550
Residence Inn – Long Island Hauppauge Representational Activities 75764
Sanchez Strategies LLC Political Activities 75000
Laurel Albina Bischoff Representational Activities 74270
Coliseum Kitchen Political Activities 73960
Pinpoint Results LLC Political Activities 71000
Capacity Building Partnerships Representational Activities 69058
Rvp Bus Union Administration 68850
Cliff Cohn Representational Activities 68746
Grossman Solutions LLC Political Activities 66961
Zambrana Productions, Inc. Union Administration 66600
Robert A. Cerrone And Partner General Overhead 66578
Mindy H. Berman General Overhead 66500
Lawson Travel Inc. Union Administration 65336
American Coach And Limousine, Inc. Representational Activities 64240
Ezcaterzaytuna Representational Activities 62996
Delta Airlines Union Administration 61989
Adventure U-save Car & Truck Rental Union Administration 61610
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Union Administration 61030
Left Inc. Representational Activities 60887
Timothy S. Taylor, Esq Representational Activities 60550
Seven Letter Ona, LLC Representational Activities 59500
Harshman,wannemacher Representational Activities 57811
Goodwin Hotel, LLC Representational Activities 57183
Kathy Mccormick Representational Activities 56164
Oyster Data LLC Political Activities 56000
Curio Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Union Administration 51905
Braverman Greenspun, P.C. General Overhead 50929
Empire State Plaza Political Activities 50814
Cornell University Ilr Union Administration 50693
Naacp Empowerment Programs Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 50000
National Action Network Contributions, Gifts And Grants 50000
National Pr Day Parade,inc Contributions, Gifts And Grants 50000
The New York Times Company General Overhead 49217
Harshman & Wannemacher General Overhead 46058
Express Corporate Housing, LLC Representational Activities 45806
Marriott Hutchinson Island Beach Union Administration 45802
Jet Blue General Overhead 45549
Harborcenter Development LLC Representational Activities 44802
Vedda Printing Union Administration 40083
Abracadabra Printing Union Administration 39227
Hilton- Linthicum Md Political Activities 38801
Rise Up! Productions Representational Activities 37616
New Yorker Hotel Management Co Inc Representational Activities 37545
Hai Trim & Feathers Inc Union Administration 36390
Mfr Law Group Pllc Representational Activities 35889
Waldron Strategies Representational Activities 35550
Us Bus Charter & Limo Political Activities 35510
Targetsmart Communications LLC General Overhead 32662
Mirror Image, Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 31600
The Lodge At St. Edward State Park Representational Activities 31331
Morrison & Foerster Llp General Overhead 28719
Back Alley Printers Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 28646
Deer Creek Resort & Conf Center Union Administration 28364
American Airlines Union Administration 28029
Adventure U-save Car & Truck Rental Political Activities 27668
Rise Up! Productions General Overhead 27628
Hustle, Inc. Representational Activities 27620
Tanda Goodwin LLC Representational Activities 26948
Delta Airlines Political Activities 26774
Ezcater Zaytuna Union Administration 26766
American Coach And Limousine, Inc. Union Administration 25675
Building Behavorial Health Political Activities 25000
Brooklyn United Music&arts Program Union Administration 25000
Green Apple Gourmet Ny Inc. Union Administration 24995
Timothy J. Brown Representational Activities 24750
Academy Express,llc Union Administration 24287
Residence Inn Long Island City Representational Activities 24127
North Star Strategies LLC Representational Activities 24000
Amtrak Union Administration 23806
Simone Private Chef Services LLC General Overhead 23728
Hudson River Partners Ilp Union Administration 23674
The Lodge At St. Edwards State Park General Overhead 23012
Alaska Air Union Administration 22584
Jay Nadelbach, Esq. Representational Activities 22500
Stuart Marques General Overhead 22500
Charter Up 3h, LLC Union Administration 22440
Byun & Lewis LLC Union Administration 21923
Orchard Tavern Ii Political Activities 21870
National Corporate Housing General Overhead 21755
Courier Car Rental Union Administration 21596
Fresh Kitchen Catering Political Activities 20785
Lisa Hetrick General Overhead 20677
Rvp Bus Political Activities 20400
Holiday Inn Independence Union Administration 20257
Garvin Cudjoe Union Administration 20000
Axel Springerwagon Holding Inc. Political Activities 19157
Oakland Marriott Representational Activities 18870
Spectrum Creations Inc. Union Administration 18077
Dominican Day Parade Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 18000
Rajindra Maharaj Union Administration 17742
Spectrum Creations Inc. Representational Activities 17670
American Airlines Representational Activities 17546
Lovely Night LLC Union Administration 17423
South Seattle Community College Representational Activities 17239
Travel Reservation Us Political Activities 17235
Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt Llp Representational Activities 17124
Puerto Rico Caribe Lessee, LLC Union Administration 17091
Nyfta Inc. Union Administration 17072
Debra Pucci General Overhead 16978
Vedda Printing Representational Activities 16882
Mm&p Mates Union Administration 16643
Harrah’S Las Vegas Union Administration 16251
Inversiones Meceaprint Srl Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15753
Lowenstein Sandler Llp Representational Activities 15403
Cbtu International Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Herbert Daughtry Global Ministries Contributions, Gifts And Grants 15000
Berlin Rosen, Ltd Political Activities 15000
True Majority Ny Political Activities 15000
Courier Car Rental Political Activities 14831
New Orleans Riverside Lessee LLC General Overhead 14713
Facebook Representational Activities 14639
Douglas Drachler Mckee & Gilbrough Llp Representational Activities 14304
Southwest Airlines Union Administration 14272
Sophie’S Cuban Cuisine Union Administration 14254
Bruce Richard Union Administration 14220
Pendulum Creative Group Political Activities 13897
The Seattle Times Representational Activities 13675
Candlewood Suites Representational Activities 13130
C.w. Designs Inc Representational Activities 13041
Insty-prints Of Kalispell Representational Activities 13028
National Corporate Housing Representational Activities 13001
Renaissance At Patriot Place Representational Activities 12882
Green Apple Gourmet Ny Inc. General Overhead 12808
South Seattle Community College General Overhead 12662
United Airlines Union Administration 12621
Amtrak Representational Activities 12593
Doordash Representational Activities 12533
Blue Pearl Hospitality, LLC Union Administration 12321
Vantell Media Group LLC General Overhead 12293
Marriott Hutchinson Island Beach Representational Activities 12202
Fresh Kitchen Catering Union Administration 11965
Bonnie Siber Weinstock, Esq. Representational Activities 11900
Twilio Inc. Political Activities 11760
Simone Private Chef Services LLC Union Administration 11585
Barbara C. Deinhardt Representational Activities 11550
Holiday Inn Union Administration 11527
Housing Development Consortium Contributions, Gifts And Grants 11500
Jacquelin F. Drucker, Esq. Representational Activities 11450
Homewood Suites Sarasota Representational Activities 11303
Concur Solutions General Overhead 11189
Jack D Tillem Representational Activities 11050
Georgian Terrace Hotel Political Activities 11046
Max’S Catering Representational Activities 11034
Chinatown Manpower Project, Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 11000
Jet Blue Representational Activities 10999
Collage Worldwide Group, Inc Representational Activities 10848
Ean Services, LLC Representational Activities 10794
Boston Catering & Events Political Activities 10699
Westin Hotel Representational Activities 10697
Newton Airport Express Inc. Union Administration 10625
James S. Cooper Representational Activities 10591
Doubletree Representational Activities 10384
Adventure U-save Car & Truck Rental General Overhead 10330
Finder Novick Kerrigan, Llp General Overhead 10323
American Airlines Union Administration 10249
Semiahmoo Resort Representational Activities 10188
Ilr Cornell University Representational Activities 10000
Long Term Quality Alliance Political Activities 10000
Make The Grade Foundation Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
Medicare Rights Center Contributions, Gifts And Grants 10000
James A Brown Representational Activities 10000
Martin R. Stolar Representational Activities 10000
Foundation Blue Media Political Activities 10000
Yes For Homes Political Activities 10000
Delta Representational Activities 9837
Value 4 Life Foundation Contributions, Gifts And Grants 9831
Amtrak Political Activities 9697
Deborah M. Gaines Arbitrator Inc. Representational Activities 9600
Melissa H. Biren Representational Activities 9400
Simmelkjaer, Robert T. Representational Activities 9375
Mcck Syracuse Hotel No 2 Lp Representational Activities 9352
Sheraton Ny Times Square Union Administration 9302
Pavsner Press, Inc. Representational Activities 9201
Human Rights Campaign, Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 9166
Pavsner Press, Inc. General Overhead 9165
Vantell Media Group LLC Representational Activities 9048
Holiday Inn & Conference Union Administration 8986
Guerrilla Billboards Corp. General Overhead 8900
Magnolia Events Representational Activities 8852
Expedia Union Administration 8723
Grossman, Furlow & Bayo, LLC General Overhead 8689
Grossman Solutions LLC General Overhead 8689
Sheraton Suites Plantation Union Administration 8615
Southwest Airlines Representational Activities 8570
Travel Reservation Us Union Administration 8568
Southwest Airlines Political Activities 8550
Hampton Inn-ft. Lauderdale Union Administration 8548
Ri Pacific Heritage Inn Of Albany, LLC Political Activities 8546
Truffle Caterers Representational Activities 8512
Jet Blue Union Administration 8505
Homewood Suites Union Administration 8364 General Overhead 8268
Moxy Hotel Union Administration 8229
The Segal Company-w States Inc. Representational Activities 8149
Daniel F. Brent, Inc. Representational Activities 8100
Supacolor General Overhead 8005
Interfaith Medical Center Contributions, Gifts And Grants 8000
National Africian American Caucus Contributions, Gifts And Grants 8000
Flp Group LLC Representational Activities 8000
Sheraton Representational Activities 7905
Residence Inn Wpb Union Administration 7896
New Blue Interactive, LLC Representational Activities 7727
Event Radio Rentals Political Activities 7716
The Labor Relations Connection, Inc. Representational Activities 7650
1199 Seiu Federal Political Action Fund General Overhead 7612
Le Catering Representational Activities 7568
Marriott-west Palm Beach Union Administration 7536
Labor Council For Latin American Advancement Contributions, Gifts And Grants 7500
Panera-quincy Union Administration 7470
Randolph H Burney Union Administration 7356
Precision Media & Public Relations Union Administration 7300
Lisa C. Charles General Overhead 7250
Avis Rent A Car System Inc Representational Activities 7236
Sonesta Columbus Union Administration 7190
Premier Coach Co., Inc Union Administration 7063
Hampton Inn Representational Activities 6982
Alaska Air Political Activities 6889
Hyatt Place-georgetown Union Administration 6879
Labor Council For Latin American Advancement Union Administration 6800
Jcs & Sons Trucking, Inc. Union Administration 6800
Ezcater, Inc Union Administration 6774
Panera Representational Activities 6770
Cci Hotel Reservations Union Administration 6688
Howard C. Edelman Adr, Inc. Representational Activities 6500
Embassy Suites Orlando Representational Activities 6454
Atlantic Trophy Co., Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 6359
Excel Linguistics LLC Political Activities 6310
James W. Mastriani Representational Activities 6250
Holiday Inn Central Representational Activities 6015
Onondaga Coach Corp. Political Activities 6015
Erin Cipolla Ec Immigration Law Pllc Representational Activities 6000
Gabrielle Seay Dba Seay Strategies, LLC Political Activities 6000
Mny 7th Corp Political Activities 5988
Abracadabra Printing General Overhead 5955
Bagel Market Union Administration 5922
Crystal Springs Services, Inc. Union Administration 5863
Sheraton Ny Times Square Representational Activities 5828
Hampton Inn Huntington Union Administration 5713
Popeyes Union Administration 5645
Grey Area Dispute Services Inc Representational Activities 5600
Insty-prints Of Kalispell Union Administration 5535
Delta Airlines Representational Activities 5501
Chase Bauer Political Activities 5450
Jaime Richardson General Overhead 5444
Food Trends Union Administration 5428
Ic La Downtown Representational Activities 5405
American Roots Wear, Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5393
Blackhawk Network, Inc Political Activities 5377
Fresh Kitchen Catering Representational Activities 5345
All New Sandwich Expresss Union Administration 5344
Blackpoint It Services Political Activities 5339
Decrescente Distributing Company Inc. Political Activities 5334
Doordash Union Administration 5325
Hampton Inn Tallahassee Political Activities 5272
Courier Car Rental General Overhead 5270
Lclaa- Nyc Central Chapter Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5250
Chick-fil-a Representational Activities 5240
Holiday Inn-orlando Union Administration 5234
Hyatt Representational Activities 5187
Unidine Corporation Political Activities 5170
Bauchner, Stuart E. Esq.. Representational Activities 5150
Budget Rent-a-car Union Administration 5019
African American Day Parade Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000
Peggy Browning Fund Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000
New York City Labor Chorus Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000
Phyllis Alexander Union Administration 5000
Gehi & Associates Representational Activities 5000
Atlas Strategy Group, Inc. Contributions, Gifts And Grants 5000
Washington Community Action Network Representational Activities 5000
Vedda Printing Political Activities 4913
City Bbq Cater Dublin Representational Activities 4637
Candlewood Suites Union Administration 3996
Crowne Plaza Columbus North Representational Activities 3986
Vantell Media Group LLC Union Administration 3654
Avis Rent A Car System Inc Political Activities 1131
City Bbq Cater Dublin Union Administration 586
Holiday Inn Representational Activities 128

Poor Leadership

SEIU leadership has been accused of tolerating harassment and even retaliating against employees who speak out. Crime, corruption, and infighting have also plagued the top ranks of leadership at the SEIU.

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Mistreating Employees

The SEIU has been accused of treating its own employees worse than the corporations the union seeks to unionize. The SEIU’s employees have even made claims that the union employs union busting tactics.

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Failing Its Membership

The SEIU has been accused of doing little for its members, ignoring their needs for strike pay while milking them for dues and focusing very little on improving its members quality of life.

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The SEIU has been involved in a number of controversies. These include incidents of harassment and violence, as well as assaults on rival unions, such as its hostile takeover of united healthcare.

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Get involved or donate today to expose the SEIU’s history of intimidation, crime and corruption.