Terrible Tactics

In order to unionize hospitals or win labor concessions, SEIU has allegedly put patients’ and supporters’ lives at risk and exploited children.

We’re not opposed to unions; we’re opposed to the SEIU’s tactics.

Catholic Healthcare Partners spokesman


During a ruthless campaign to unionize employees at two Chicago hospitals, SEIU and its allies at the notorious (and now-defunct) left-wing pressure group ACORN reportedly brought uninsured sick and injured people “by the vanload” to those emergency rooms “beyond their own communities.”

SEIU put those people’s health at risk to gain leverage using the threat of “charity care” lawsuits against hospitals. The chair of emergency medicine at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital warned, “When a person with chest pain bypasses several emergency departments and is brought unsuspectingly 40 miles to get care at a facility, that’s dangerous.”

The Illinois Business Ledger reported:

Lucrecia Balgemann, a Spanish-speaking shift coordinator in the ER the day of the occurrence, said it was clear to her that many of the Spanish speaking patients were being “coached” by ACORN organizers and were “following a script.”

One patient was under the impression that the hospital would help with a kidney transplant through its charity care, but was quickly informed that the hospital was not a transplant location.

In addition to dangerously overcrowding emergency rooms, SEIU engages in other terrible tactics that put life, property, and health of members, employers, and the community at large at risk.

Exploited Children

SEIU exploiting children icon

SEIU-backed activists have no qualms intimidating people—or their children—at their homes.

In 2010, SEIU and a front group protested outside the home of a Bank of America lawyer, ostensibly against foreclosures. The lawyer was not at home, but his children were—according to neighbor and columnist Nina Easton, the children called her, terrified. Easton reported only a left-leaning (and presumably union-favorable) Huffington Post reporter was in attendance from the media.

As part of a campaign to organize a janitorial services company, SEIU organizers sent children to leaflet the neighbors of the company’s CEO at Halloween. CEO of Executive Management Services, Dave Bego, testified before a House of Representatives committee:

On Halloween night in 2007, the SEIU had children trick-or-treat in my residential neighborhood. The children were instructed to hand out fliers at each house they went to for candy. These flyers claimed that buildings cleaned by EMS were “Houses of Horror” where employees were abused and mistreated every night. Meanwhile, union organizers were in cars driving the streets of my neighborhood!

Sabotaging Medical Care

SEIU Local 1199, the New England Health Care Employees Union, has been implicated in multiple alleged incidents of potentially dangerous sabotage in labor disputes with nursing home facilities.

In 2001, Connecticut’s Chief State’s Attorney’s office alleged that members of SEIU 1199 who were about to strike engaged in sabotage and “could have had an effect resulting in seriously jeopardizing the [nursing home] residents’ health and safety.” Some patients had their identification switched or removed, drugs were missing, and an oxygen storage room door was glued shut.

Ten years later, SEIU 1199 was again accused of sabotage on the eve of a walkout. Nursing homes filed police reports alleging the removal of identification, vandalism of a washing machine, and the taking of medical supplies.